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Stake Online Casino + Promo code for TOP Bonus (2024)

Stake is one of the most popular online gambling providers that was launched back in 2017. For the years it has been functioning, it has already gathered great base of customers all round the worlds. It offers great opportunities for all the clients, including wide variety of casino games, delivered by some of the most loved software providers, good sportsbook with great odds, and of course – many and very attractive bonuses.

Furthermore, this provider is absolutely legitimate and guarantees safe experience to all of its visitors. Are you wondering if you should give it a try? Then you are on the right place, since we have prepared for you a detailed review of Stake that includes every important detail. In addition, we have also provided fully honest opinion and answers of the most frequently asked questions.

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Stake Registration

 If you have decided to open an account at Stake, then you should not be worried, since the process is pretty easy and it will not take you more than a few minutes. In order to open an account, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps we have for you:

  1. Visit the official website of Stake
  2. Click on the button ‘REGISTER’, it is placed on the right top corner of the page
  3. You will see a registration form – complete it by adding email, username, password, date of birth
  4. Add our Promo code – N1STAKE for some great offers and amazing betting experience.
  5. Agree with the Terms and Conditions
  6. Once you are ready – click on the ‘PLAY NOW’ button.
  7. Go to your email to confirm your registration.

Now you have opened an account at Stake. In order to have access to all the advantages of the provider, you need to go through verification process.

Stake Online Casino Registration Create Account

Stake Profile

Before start betting, we would strongly advise you to finish your profile. You may have to add some extra information, but most importantly – you will have to go through the verification process of the website, which is required for the safety of all players. In your Profile you can make many other settings too.

Profile Settings and Verification Levels

Once you have opened your account, you should go in your ‘Profile Settings’ and verify your identity. Why? Because this is one of the safety procedures that are required by the provider in order to make sure that all the players are safe, and of course – real. The verification process is built of 4 levels that should be accomplished. Here is more information about them:

Level 1

Level one is very simple and does not take a lot of time. In this level you need to add some essential information that was not added during the registration. You will have to fill in your names, county, date of birth, country where your life, city and address, including the postal code, and of course – occupation.

Level 2

Level two is also simple, but requires some specific action – you will have to ad a proof of identity, which can be your ID card, your Passport or Driver’s license. So, you have to take clear pictures of both sides of the document and upload them in the website. Once level 2 is accomplished, you will be able to make withdrawals with cryptocurrencies.

Level 3

Level three is not hard too – you will have to upload a proof of your address. You should add a proof of the address you have shared in step 1, so make sure all data is valid. You can use bank statement or some other documentation that is no older than 3 months and includes your names and address.

Level 4

Level four is the last level – you should upload a proof of source of funds. This is essential for the people that are planning to invest a large amount of money in Stake. You can use any documentation that states your occupation and source of money.

Stake Promo code

We have an amazing surprise for you – a Promo code that will give you greater start in your betting journey. If you are a new player, you can enjoy an amazing welcome offer, which with our promo code will become better than ever! All you need to do is to use the Promo code N1STAKE during your registration.

If you are based in the USA, our code will give you 10%Rakeback Bonus, if you are based in Canada, then our code will make your first deposit Bonus 200% from the amount up to 2000 CAD. Sounds amazing, right? But what if you are placed in another country – not Canada or the USA? Well, then the Promo code N1STAKE will give you 200% deposit Bonus up to 2000 EURO.

Stake Online Casino Registration Code Promo Code Promocode Bonus Code

Stake Welcome Offer

If you are a new player at Stake, there is a great welcome offer waiting for you. All you need to do is to use our Promo code N1STAKE and you will get an amazing bonus – 200% deposit Bonus up to 2000 EURO. You can either add the Promo code during your registration, or after that in your settings.

To get that offer, you should use the Promo code N1STAKE and make first deposit of at least 100 euros. What if you are based in the US? Then our code will give you 10% Rakeback Bonus, or in other words – a chance of getting back 10% of the money that you have already spent on the website.

Stake Online Casino Registration Welcome offer Code Promo Code Promocode Bonus Code N1STAKE

Stake Promotions and Bonuses

Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Promotions and Bonuses Sports and Casino Bonuses 
Stake has made sure that the clients of the website are offered some amazing bonuses and promotions. There are offers for both casino and sports players, so every client can be happy. We will share with you more about the promotions available at the website of Stake, but keep in mind that new are being added all the time.

Casino Promotions

Casino Promotions - Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Promotions and Bonuses Sports and Casino Bonuses 

Stake is an online betting provider that offers great casino promotions. Today we will share with you more about some of these.

Drop and Win Tournament

Stake offers Pragmatic Drops and Wins for all the players, where the players can be rewarded for enjoying the range of slots and live games provided by Pragmatic Play on Stake. Every month over 1,000,000$ reward is being given in random drops.

Weekly Giveaway

All the Stake clients can take advantage of weekly giveaway where they can earn the astonishing prize of 50,000$! The amount is spilt between 10 players, and every player can join – for every 1000 USD wagered, you receive one entry number. You should earn as many tickets as possible for a better chance. All wagers are included – both casino and sportsbook ones.

Daily and weekly Casino Challenges

For the players at Stake there are some specific daily and weekly casino challenges that have great prizes. All players can join, and all they need to do is to bet the target multipliers given by the casino on the weekly/daily’s 5 games.

Furthermore, there are some special Casino challenges as well where unique prizes can be won every day by completing  a challenge. All you need to do is to beat the target multipliers on the selected games and with the prize that is attached to it.

Sports Promotions

Sports Promotions - Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Promotions and Bonuses Sports and Casino Bonuses 

There are some great promotions for the sports lovers at Stake too, which can definitely make the gaming experience better than ever. Of course, we will share information about those too.

NBA 16+ Payout

One of the best bonuses offered by Stake at the moment is the NBA 16+ payout – if you are a winner of the bets you made on NBA, you can get some amazing rewards, even if the team has lost the match. There are other special offers connected to the NBA, and you can understand more about these on the website of Stake.

Stake’s Daily Races

Every player can wager to join the Stake’s Daily Races with a price up to 100,000$. For every bed you place you are climbing up the Leaderboard, top 100 racers every day receive great prizes, based on their position.

Stake’s Weekly Giveaway

Every player can join the weekly giveaway of Stake. For every 1000$ that you wager, you will get a ticket into the giveaway. You can get as many tickets as possible for higher chances. The price of 50,000$ is split between 10 players.

Everton – Clean Sheet Bonus

One of the most interesting bonuses at Stake that will be available up to 31st of December, 2023 is the Everton – Clean Sheet Bonus. If you back them in the 1x2 market and they win while keeping a clean sheet – you will get double winnings up to 100$.

VIP Club

For all the Stake players there is an option to become a part of the VIP club of the provider. For all the members there are amazing VIP offers and promotions that will make the gaming experience better than ever. However, not everybody can become a part of it. Today we will discuss the VIP club of Stake and all its benefits.

Stake vip club Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Promotions and Bonuses


In order to become part of the VIP club, you need to wager at least 10,000 on Stake esports, games and odds. Then you will receive an exclusive invite that will give you access to the VIP club. All you need to do is keep betting and you will be climbing up the multiple tiers, and receive even more special bonuses, rewards and offers for your gaming.

The Stake’s VIP club is built of 14 tiers that start from Bronze and get to Diamond 5. Each of these unlocks access to even better prizes and promotions. So, here are the key steps in the process:

⦿  10,000 $ - this amount will unlock the Bronze ranking and will get you access to the VIP club.
⦿  50,000 $ - this amount will unlock the Silver ranking and will get you access to more flexible bonuses.
⦿  50-100 k $ - this will make you silver gold and get you some amazing prices
⦿  250 k - 1million $ - this amount will unlock the Platinum ranking and make you dedicated VIP host.
⦿  5 M – 10 M – this will make you Platinum IV – VI and will give you astonishing prizes, all the time promotions and free spins
⦿  25 million $ - this amount will unlock the final Diamond 5 status and will get you rake-back, reloads and really amazing prices.


The benefits of the VIP club are more than amazing. They can make your gaming experience better than ever and get you great prizes. If you become part of the club, you will receive monthly bonuses available only to you, some great rake backs, and of course – daily bonuses and options for reloads.

Being part of the VIP club will guarantee better customer service, all the time available help and even better gambling experience. After all – the promotions and offers offered by the provider are very good, but when being part of the VIP club – they are unforgettable.


If you become part of the Stake’s VIP Club you will have access to specific and unique challenges and of course – some specific giveaways. Being able to join these giveaways will make the chance of higher rewards much bigger, and your gaming experience will become better than ever.

Stake vip club Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino BENEFITS and vip levels

Stake Casino

Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Promo Code Bonus Code N1STAKE 

Stake Casino offers great variety of casino games and rich portfolio thanks to all the popular software providers that are working with the casino. Every player can easily find a game that he has been looking for, or even try a new one for even more exciting experiences.


For its clients, Stake offers weekly forum challenges. This is one pretty unique way to earn some extra sources. These challenges are basically the roll hunt games where you should hit a specific roll numbers in order to win some prizes. Of course, there are conditions and rules that you should follow if you want to get the prize, so make sure you have gone through the needed information.

Stake Online Casino Crypto Stake Challenges Slots Games 

Stake Originals

Stake is a special casino that offers specific original games – they are liked by the players and they offer some more interesting experience. There are 16 original stake games, and their names are:

⦿  Blue Samurai
⦿  Dice
⦿  Mines
⦿  Hilo
⦿  Keno
⦿  Video Poker
⦿  Baccarat
⦿  Roulette
⦿  Diamonds, and others.

Stake Online Casino Crypto Stake Originals Slots Games


The slot machines are one of the most loved casino games at Stake. This is fully understandable, keeping in mind the fact that these games do not require some specific experience or strategy to play. They are simple, they offer great winnings and some of them even jackpots. At Stake you can find a huge variety of casino slot games like Joker Bombs, Dork Unit, Wanted Dear or A Wild, Chaos Crew, Book of Shadows, The Bowery Boys and thousands more. You can try some of them for free right here right now from the links below.

Play Free Stake Slots

Live Casino

For the people that love the real experience, Stake offers live casino option. The live casino has always been favorite to many players, because it gives them a chance to experience real gaming with other players. Some of the most popular live casino games at Stake are Blackjack Live, Baccarat Live, Lightning Roulette Live and Roulette Live.

Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Live Casino Promo Code Bonus Code N1STAKE

Game Shows

If you prefer to enjoy game shows instead of playing casino games, then you will definitely love Stake. There are amazing live shows options offered at the website of this provider, and some of the most popular names are Monopoly Big Baller, Crazy Time, Mega Ball, Crazy Coin Flip, Deal or No Deal Live and Cash or Crash live.

Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Game Shows Promo Code Bonus Code N1STAKE

Feature Buy-in

Stake offers one newer and more special feature – Buy-in. All players have the opportunity to buy additional featured slots and play provably fair those casino games. So, the buy-ins are bonus slots and can be added to any of your favorite game slots. All you need to do is pay an amount of money, then go to the featured best part of your favorite slot game – the regular bonus.

Table Games

And of course – Stake offers a variety of table games. They require some specific knowledge, not only luck, but they are definitely loved by most of the players. So, if you are a fan of the table games, you will surely fall in love with the collection offered by Stake.


When it comes to blackjack – there are several games offered by Stake. They are pretty nice and most of the players enjoy them. So, if you have a good strategy, some basic knowledge and of course – luck, you can make very good winnings by playing blackjack.


There are 6 baccarat games offered for the clients of Stake. Mos of them are live options, but there is also an offline one for those that do not like playing live. The odds for baccarat at Stake range between 1.01 and 1.24%.


If you are a fan of the roulette, you will surely like the collection offered by Stake. There are around 8 games available at Stake, so you will find one that fits you. The rewards are pretty big, and the games are one of the most popular in the sphere of these games.


Stake Casino Game Providers

In order to offer the best gaming experience, Stake is partnering with some of the most popular casino game providers. All of them are well-known and offers great gaming opportunities with big rewards. The software providers that are working with Stake are Pragmatic Play, Evolution, Play’Ngo, Push Gaming, Quickspin, NetEnt, Red Tiger, Gamomat, Rela Gaming, Nolimit city, iSoftBet, GamesGlobal, Playson, Skywind group, Wazdan, Endorphina, Elk Studios and many others.

Stake Online Casino Crypto Casino Game Providers

Stake Sports Betting

Stake Online Casino and Sports Betting 

If you are a fan of sports betting, then you will surely love Stake. There are some great betting opportunities offered at the website, so every player can find and enjoy the sports he/she likes. We will discuss some of the most popular options at the moment.

Sports Live Events

If you are a fan of the live betting, then Stake has a lot to offer to you. There is a variety of live matchers happening all the time, which you can bet on with this provider. You can check the options by clicking on the ‘Live Events’ options – then you will have a chance to see all the sports that are offered and look for a match you are interested in, as well as see the matchers happening now with their results.  There is also a ‘Starting Soon’ section where you will be able to see all the matchers that will be starting soon.

Most Popular Sports

Stake offers variety of sports for betting, including some of the most popular ones. You can bet both live and offline, and some of the most popular sports are Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Ice Hokey and American Football.


As we already said, you always enjoy betting on eSports with Stake. There is a great variety of sports that are available, so you will surely find the one that fits your preferences the most. You can find some popular ones as Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, FIFA, Formula 1, Golf, Handball, Football, etc., and some not so popular as Dota, Electronic Leagues, Floorball and Lacrosse.

Politics & Entertainment

For all his players, Stake can offer live and upcoming betting for Politics and Entertainment. You can browse the options in the website, and you will first see the most popular ones for Entertainment – most of the time these are the Oscars about Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director and Best Picture.

The politics ones are usually about the winning parties in the Presidential Election, the Republican and Democratic presides in the US Presidential election 2024, etc. You can always bet on those, and if you win you will surely be happy, since the rewards are pretty high.

Stake US - America's Social Casino

Stake us social casino USA Online Crypto casino is the newest extension of Stake and it is Social Online Casino available only for US located players over 21, except for those in New York, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho (this might change in time). 

This version of Stake Online Casino is designed to be more interactive and social than traditional online casinos, allowing players to connect and play with each other, and incorporating elements of social media into the platform. The social chat welcome the players from the very enter to the site and once the registration is complete the user can socialize freely with the millions players at the platform.

Stake us social casino USA Online Crypto casino 

The website has a user-friendly interface, which is very similar to the Stake site and offers a variety of internet slots and table games from top developers. It also accepts crypto and fiat payments.
The games at Stake US are played using virtual currencies, Gold Coins and Stake Cash, with the latter able to be redeemed for prizes in the form of cryptocurrency.

The players are allowed to play all casino games for free ("for fun"), or for real money and prizes as well.  There are also various bonus offers and promotions, which are attractively rewarding and unique for that Stake site extension. There is also a different Welcome Offer for, that is strictly bound to the promo code N1STAKE.

Stake us social casino USA Online Crypto casino 

Stake US Promo Code

The welcome offer at is diferent then the global Stake site. If you use our special Stake US Promo Code N1STAKE during registration or 24 hour after registration, you will receive a welcome offer of 10% Rakeback Bonus. There is a whole section of Promotions where you can find  tournaments and challenges with fantastic prize pools. offers an wide range of casino games to choose from, but there is not yet Sports betting includet.

Stake US No Deposit Bonus

This offer is only available to US players who can take advantage of the chance to receive a gift. Here, provides the chance for a No Deposit Bonus. And this is possible through the special promo code - NODHAP. Enter the promo code in the box during Registration and you'll get $25 and 250,000 coins - for free. This way you can enjoy a great game and even win money without making an initial deposit.

Stake us social casino USA Online Crypto casino  Go to Stake US   

Stake Wallet and Payment Methods

Stake is a betting provider that does not offer some great variety of payments, but there are enough for the clients to make choose one that fits them the most. Keep in mind that Stake is a crypto-based provider, and most of the methods available include cryptocurrencies. There are a few fiat currency methods too. 

Deposit Methods

In order to make a deposit with Stake you can use either cryptocurrency or one of the few fiat methods. There are no fees added by the provider, but in some situations, there may be fees during the transaction of crypto. All deposits arrive in your account immediately, since the requests are processed all the time.

Currencies, Fees and Taxes

When it comes to crypto currencies – there are no specific taxes mentioned, but in the transfer of money and currencies there may be some taxes, so keep them in mind. The available crypto currencies for deposits at Stake are the following:


Furthermore, there are also some fiat methods available for deposits, and they are:

⦿  Yen (JPY) with TigerPay, credit cards and Bank transfer
⦿  Brazilian Real (BRL) with Pix
⦿  Canadian dollar (CAD) with interac.

Withdraw Methods

When it comes to withdrawals – the methods offered are the same. There are no taxes applied by Stake, but in some situations there may be fees applied by the method you have chosen for withdrawal, or by the exchange of currencies. Most of the time the money arrive in hours, but it may take maximum up to 5 working days.

Currencies, Fees and Taxes

The cryptocurrencies you can use to make a withdrawal with Stake are the following:


Buy Crypto

If you don’t have crypto, you can use the specific function which is available at Stake for buying cryptocurrency. However, we would not advise you to take advantage of this function if you have other options, because there are taxes and rates applied, and in some situations you will be paying more than you are intending to do.

Wallet Currency Switcher

There are some great features available at Stake, such as the Wallet Currency Switcher. This option is very nice, since it gives you a chance to check the amount of money in have not in crypto, but in USD or other fiat currency. You should be aware that this is only an approximate representation of the amount you have, it is not always certain, since the price of crypt is moving all the time. So we would advise you to always calculate your money in crypto, because this is the only way for the amount to be correct.

Stake Sponsorship

Stake is a betting platform that is partnering with a lot of sponsors for even better gaming experience for all the clients. We will share with you more about those sponsorships you can enjoy with Stake’s casino and sportsbook.


Stake Online Casino Sponsorship Drake 
Stake and Drake are collaborating for bringing amazing gaming experience for all the users, which includes an evening of interactive connectivity where the users and fans alike have chance to wing big alongside Drake. In order to join the giveaway you need to send your phone number and username to [email protected] – the giveaway will be astonishing, as well as the prizes, but we are still waiting for detailed information.

Alfa Romeo F1 Team

Stake's newest partnership is with Alfa Romeo F1 Team (Sauber Motorsport). They have officially announced a long-term permanent partnership and the magnificent results of this are to come. Stake will make Formula 1 races even more exciting with live streams of the race track and Alfa Romeo F1 Team.

Stake Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Everton Football Club

Everton Football Club is the Main Partner of Stake with an agreement including the Stake logo to be adorning the club’s men’s and women’s shirts in a multi-year deal. For the players of Stake there are behind-the-scenes access to the players, matchday giveaways, VIP experiences and some amazing promotions.

Everton Football Club Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Watford Football Club

Stake is the Official Sponsor of Watford Football Club FC for a second year in a row, with their logo being placed on the club’s shirt for the 2022/2023 season during which the Hornets will have the chance to get back to the Premier League. For the clients of Stake there are a lot of behind-the-scenes experiences, fantastic new content and of course – VIP access to some special campaigns.

Watford Football Club Stake Online Casino and Sports Betting Sponsorship

Kun Agüero

Kun Aguero is also part of the Stake family bringing great love of sport and live streaming to the website. For all the clients of Stake, Sergio offers great prospect. He welcomes the fans all around the world to enjoy some exclusive experience with one of the best football players ever.

Kun Agüero Sergio Leonel Agüero del Castillo Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya is the first brand ambassador to parent with State. Known as The Last Stylebender, he has been included in some of the most popular events of UFC. The clients of Stake have access to some exclusive interviews, content, and tips direct from Adesanya, as well as VIP experience for all his fans.

Israel Adesanya King in the Ring Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Glover Teixeira

Glover Texiera, known as one of the legends of UFC Light Heavyweight, is also a brand ambassador of Stake. His debut was made back in 2012, where he anticipated fight by submission with Kyle Kingsbury and become one of the UFC’s legends. He has more than 25 finishes in his career and despite the loss he had against Jiri Prochazka, he is back now in 2022 better than ever.

Glover Teixeira The Light Heavyweight King Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Alexa Grasso

Alexa Grasso is one of the most popular brand ambassadors of Stake. She is one of the top contenders in the UFC Flyweight division, she is an elite-level fighter with gallant heart. Stake sponsors Grasso because she is an amazing athlete who has shown not only skill, but a big heart too.

Alexa Grasso Karen Alexa Grasso Montes Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Jailton Almeida

Steke supports not only a big established sport stars, but have a eye for the future ones yet to rise as well. The new rising star on the professional UFC ring in Heavyweight division is Jailton Almeida 'Malhadinho'. Malhadinho and Stake shook hands as a partners for the way to the top.

Jailton Almeida Malhadinho Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Brazil Rugby League

Stake is partnering with the Rugby League Brazil ahead of the women’s team’s historic World Cup campaign. The logo of the company appears on the shirts of both teams. For the clients of Stake, there will be exciting rugby promotions, some private content and exclusive access to the team after, before and of course – during the campaign.

Brazil Rugby League The Dawn of a New Era Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Boxing in Japan

For all the boxing fans, Stake sponsored the historic boxing match in 2022 between Ryota Murata and Gennadily Golovkin, as well as the rematch of the three-division world champion Naoya Inoue with Nonito Donaire. For all the fans of Stake there is another venture into the sport of boxing offered, together with unforgettable sports betting experience, great odds and world class promotions.

Boxing in Japan Naoya Inoue v Nonito Donaire Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Fittipaldi Brothers

Fittipaldi is a well-known name for the fans of motorsports all around the world. Stake supports not only the Formula One World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi, but his grandsons Pietro and Enzo too. Both of them will be creating content and hosting regular Twitch streams, offering more than amazing insight into F1 to all the fans of the Formula, and the clients of Stake.

Fittipaldi Brothers Pietro & Enzo Fittipaldi Stake Online Casino Sponsorship


In 2022, Stake expanded their partnership with UFC and included Brazil too, which helped Stake to really grow. This agreement includes collaboration with UFC for greater betting experience of the clients of the provider, including exclusive promotions, VIP experiences and exclusive content featuring the athletes of UFC.

UFC Official Betting Partner Stake Online Casino Sponsorship

Stake Community - Blog, Forum, Social Network and Shop

Stake has created a thriving community of players who are taking advantage of all its fantastic features. The social aspect of Stake has grown so much that it has become its own vast universe that revolves around the site. There is a blog, forum, pages on major social platforms, and even an official Stake merch shop for the biggest fans.

Stake Blog

The Stake blog is organized into different topics such as Crypto, How-To Guides, Stake News, Sports, Casino, and Others. Many questions can be answered on the blog, and there is a wealth of valuable information about the crypto and gambling world. The blog is well-maintained and updated daily with interesting posts covering a wide range of topics related to betting.

Stake Blog

Stake Forum

The Stake forum is linked on the bottom of the site, and requires separate registration and login from the main Stake site. It is an official forum with approximately 52k active users, tens of thousands topics with over milion of posts. The forum is a valuable resource for information about recent promotions and bonuses, social media feeds, and special challenges. It is a place where passionate players can connect and discuss their experiences.

Stake Forum 

Stake Social Networks

Stake understands the power of social media and has pages on the most popular platforms. Following Stake on social networks ensures that players have the most up-to-date information about promotions, giveaways, events, challenges, and everything new around the platform. The official Stake accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are linked at the bottom of the site. A bonus is that Stake also has a Telegram account that can only be found through the forum, where special Stake Telegram daily challenges are announced.

Stake Social Networks 

Stake Telegram Daily Live Challenge Daily Slot Hunt 

Stake Shop

A Stake store has recently opened and can be accessed through a link at the bottom of the site. Fans of the site can purchase high-quality clothing and accessories with the Stake logo as official merchandise. The store is still in its early stages and is constantly being improved and expanded, with new products being added gradually.

The Stake fashion brand is being built under the name Stake.World and can be accessed directly on as well. Currently, the store mostly offers men's and unisex clothing, such as dad hats, t-shirts, bottoms, sweatshirts,  blouses and jackets, with new collections being released regularly. Stake's fashion is sporty and simple, with a focus on black, navy and white colors. Shipping rates are reasonable, and orders over $50 receive free shipping.

Stake Shop Store Stake World

Stake Mobile

Stake do not have mobile app yet but the mobile version of the site is completely optimized for almost any smart device and can be fast and easily loaded on. This way while there is no dedicated app to install on phone or tablet, players can still enjoy an easy and safe mobile experience at Stake.

The user interface on the mobile version of Stake is well designed and easy to navigate, making it simple for players to find the games and features they are looking for. The graphics are clear and crisp and the site is very responsive and adjust its layout to fit the screen size of any device, providing an optimal viewing experience on any screen size.

In terms of security, the mobile version of Stake is just as secure as the desktop site, with the same level of encryption and protection in place to keep player's information and funds safe. Signing up via mobile is as easy as on desktop and the promo code N1STAKE entered in the code field unlocks the welcome offer for the new player account.

While there is no dedicated mobile app for Stake, the mobile version of the site provides an excellent experience for players who prefer to play on the go. The site is fast, easy to navigate, and provides access to all available Stake games and betting options.

Stake Mobile

Stake Customer Support

If you ever need help with anything in the website, you can get in touch with the customer support at Stake. There is a Live chat option, where you will get immediate answer of your issues, and you will have a chance to browse through the most frequently asked questions, and the issues which all people are having.

When it comes to customer support, there is a help center too, where you will find all the answers by the Stake Support team about commonly experienced issues with the account, the wallet, the casino, the sportsbook, the bonuses and promotions, and many other things. Of course, you can also send a mail to [email protected].


Stake is a betting platform owned and operated by Medium Rare N.V., registered at Fransche Bloemweg, 4 Willemstad Curacao. This website is fully legitimate and safe, since it is authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao and operates under specific license.

Furthermore, Stake is a verified operator in the Crypto Gambling Foundation network that aims at upholding the highest standards of fair gambling. Overall, you should not be worried about anything when it comes to the licenses of Stake.

Provably Fair

For all gambling platforms the concept of provable fairness is extremely important. What does that means? It means that all the players can prove and verify that their results (positive/negative) during their gaming are fair and unmanipulated. This is done with the help of a commitment scheme and cryptographic hashing.

The commitment scheme ensures that all players have influence on their results. The cryptographic hashing ensures that the casino is honest to the scheme. When these concepts are combined the safe environment is created. In addition, all bets that were placed at Stake can be verified via 3rd party website and their verification procedure.

Responsible Gambling

When it comes to online casinos, the responsible gambling is essential. What is this? A concept aiming to ensure that the gambling is not having a potential harm associated with too much playing.

Stake supports the responsible gambling and offers special help for all the players that have issues with overplaying. The support is confidential and absolutely free. Every player that feels like he/she needs help – they should not hesitate but contact the support.


For developing responsible gambling environment, Stake has offered an option for self-exclusion. This is a way of controlling your own betting. If you ever feel like you need help – you can exclude yourself from betting with Stake for a set time. It can be either permanent or just temporary.

You can request a self-exclusion time period, you have to agree to the terms and conditions and them you will not have access to the website for a specific period of time. If you think that this is not enough – you should not hesitate to look for professional help.


primedice crypto dice betting 
Primedice is a previous project from the founders of Stake that is all about playing dice. It offers crypto betting and the reputation of the site is very good. It was founded in 2013 and is considered one of the most popular craps forums with a low house edge of only 1%. So, if you ever want to bet on dice games, and you feel like Stake does not offer enough of those in their website – you should go to Primedice.

The registration at the site is really easy and quick and the new user can start play almost immediately.
Players can use various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more, and the website offers 24/7 customer support. The user interface is minimalistic and easy to navigate, and players can play anonymously by providing a username, password, and email only. The website also uses a provably fair algorithm to ensure true randomness in the outcome of bets.

primedice home page crypto dice betting 

Primedice VIP Program

Primedice offers a VIP program to reward its most dedicated players. The program is designed to provide exclusive benefits and perks to players who wager a significant amount on the site. As players wager more and become more active on the site, they will progress through the different levels of the VIP program, with each level offering increasingly valuable rewards. These benefits can include increased deposit and withdrawal limits, special bonuses and promotions, and dedicated VIP support. 

Primedice VIP

Overall, Primedice is a great choice for those looking to bet on dice using cryptocurrency. 

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In conclusion, we would like to say that Stake is one amazing betting platform. It offers great casino options for the players, including great games provided by some of the most popular software providers, together with some special features as the games produced by Stake. When it comes to sportsbook – the one offered by Stake is also very good. There are many online sports available, a lot of esports too, as well as politics and entertainment ones.

The bonuses and promotions offered by Stake are also very good, they are adding new ones all the time, and there is even a VIP club available for the players which offers astonishing options for all the players. The customer support and the community of Stake is great. However, the payment options are limited to cryptocurrencies, and for some players this may be an issue. Overall, Stake is amazing betting platform and you should definitely give It a try.

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Pros and Cons

+ Fast and easy registration
+ Fast and easy withdrawals
+ Crypto betting and buying
+ VIP program
+ Multiple bonuses
+ Provably fair games
+ Big variety of games
+ Big variety of sports
+ 24/7 Live chat
+ Licensed platform

- Country restrictions
- No fiat betting


Gabriella Marinov

Gabriella Marinov

Gabriella is a valuable member of our team. She is an online casino marketing expert and article writer. She is passionate about online slots and always provide the most accurate information possible to readers.


Yes, Stake is fully legitimate provider, which is following all the safety procedures and requirements. It has obtained an official license by Curacao.
Yes, you can use the Promo code - BETHAP and get some amazing promotions and offers as a new player at Stake.
The verification at Stake is a safety procedure that is required in order to ensure the safety of all players and the fairness of the games.
No, you can not make payment with PayPall at Stake, but you can use most of the cryptocurrencies.
No, at the moment there is no mobile application available at Stake, but this does not mean that you can not enjoy this website on your mobile phone – you can, all you need to do is load it to any mobile browser.
Primedice is a project of Stake that offers dice gambling with cryptocurrency for all the fans of these games.
At the moment there is not such a thing as no deposit bonus at Stake, but there are many more bonuses available for all the players.
You can make payments with cryptocurrency – you can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and many others.
Yes, if you are a fan of the live casino games you can enjoy great variety of these in the website of Stake.
Yes, you can bet on live sports at Stake – the variety of options is huge, and you can enjoy some of the most popular sports, as well as not so famous ones.